M92 (DD)


The new M92-15 is the result of the development of its predecessor M92, totally        re-elaborated in its shape. The frame is in NiCrMo  Ø32mm, adjustable in height both front and rear. The rigidity may be varied through the use of specific torsion bars and, thanks to the Sniper system, both the camber and the caster can be regulated. It will be equipped  with new model KG508 bodyworks, rear KG C3 bodywork and new adhesive kits.

It is possible to choose the VEN11 DD brake system for the Direct Drive categories and the VEN11 KZ for the Shifter/KZ categories, or the VEN13 DD innovative brake system for Direct Drive categories and the VEN13 KZ for the Shifter/KZ categories; the most outstanding feature regards the pump, which presents an innovative system capable of modulating the braking action denominated ABA (adaptive brake assistant). By means of a regulator, it will be possible to adjust the pump allowing an internal system to manage the braking force, avoiding  the blockage of the tires. This mechanism allows braking at the limit, but without reaching the blockage of the tires, so as to avoid bouncing of the rear axis and the loss of adherence to the correct line of entrance into curves. A feature to point out is how this function may be adjusted in relation to the needs of the category (different powers) and the tires used (different grip), as well as the feeling desired by the individual driver. The “range” of the adjustment of this system may vary from neutral, therefore no regulation, up to the management of the blockage by applying maximum pressure on the brake pedal.

Furthermore, thanks to specific axis flanges, it will be possible to variate the wheel base.

Frame Material

chrome molybdenum steell

Tubes diameter


Wheel Base




Braking System

V11 - V13


KG 508


Torsion front bar
Magnesium wheels