Round Campionato Canberra Club.

Imogen Radburn held first all weekend in Junior Heavies. In junior performance, she tried her new kart and was trying to achieve setup and used it as a test weekend

Addison Radburn drives in junior light in the top 3 every heat, finished in 1st in heat 3 and lead in a great gap.

Lachlan Lynch ended 1st overall and was 1st all weekend apart from Addison’s win. It was a good battle between Imogen and Lachlan seeing the weight difference and they showed true team and sportsmanship when passing one another and congratulating there team members.

Blake Lynch, Had a hard but fun weekend, he was caught in some incidents which put him back but he always improved.

Carter Lamperd is in Novice he achieved 2nd after having some battles with a fellow competitor showing true sportsmanship. Carter achieved 1st and 2nd all weekend.

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