S97 (KZ)


The S97 chassis, a main factor of endless victories, uses 30mm chromed molybdenum steel tubes and it allows different settings in height both front and rear.
Rigidity can be set by means of  specific torsion bars and finally, thanks to the Sniper system, both camber and caster have varied settings.
There are new V09 brakes systems  for both OKJ and KZ, while OK will be equipped with the new V10 brakes system.
Furthermore, thanks to the specific axle flange, changing the wheel base will be possible.  

Frame Material chrome molybdenum steel
Tubes diameter Ø30
Wheel Base 1045mm
Axle D.50
Braking System V09 cast iron
Bodywork New Age2 - stickers kit 2014
Torsion front bar
Magnesium wheels