Tremendous success in 2016 for Ireland Nordstrom with DRT Racing.

Tremendous success in 2016 for Ireland Nordstrom with DRT Racing.
Hailing from Fairhaven, Massachusetts, this Mini MAX driver is all business the minute she sets foot on the track. “I try to win every race, but I don’t think about the outcome.  Anything can happen in a race, so I have to keep my emotions under control and I only celebrate once the race is over. No matter how the race goes, I learn from and enjoy every pass, turn, and lap. It’s hard to explain, but I can’t imagine my life without racing.”  

Her tenacious efforts both on and off the track have enabled her to win:
  • First Place Championship for the NHKA (New Hampshire Karting Association),
  • First Place Championship for the IKS (Interstate Karting Series), and the
  • First Place Championship for F1 Boston. 
At ten years old, Ireland has secured  eleven (11) First Place wins, three (3) second place finishes, and won the overall two (2) day Hanscom Memorial Fall Classic, taking the coveted gold cup. 

Ireland is grateful to the DRT Racing Team,  the DR Racing Kart Technical Support team, and her driving coach; G. Angelo Sodano.  A special thanks to her Mom and Dad; Misti and Dan, her sister Hanna, and all her family and friends.

Racing is on the top of her list for her future aspirations, along with becoming an engineer. A fifth grader at St. Joseph School, Ireland is on the Principal’s List for receiving straight A’s and she enjoys Irish step dancing, modeling, acting, and singing.