Danilo Rossi

Five World Champion  titles, Team Manager for CRG, founder of DR Racing which designs and produces chassis and is involved in the main international kart competitions, these are Danilo’s credentials.

Born in 1974 in Alatri (FR, Italy), he makes his debut in karting in 1984, immediately reaching important and prestigious successes in the 60 Lupetti category. From that onset his performances are a crescendo of satisfactions which reach the apex of five world titles, of which the last two won after a three year stop. The 1992 season, in which he won the world titles for the 100 and 125 cc. categories in only two weeks, was almost unbelievable.

Danilo RossiIn his long career as a driver, Danilo always distinguished himself for the sangfroid with which he faced decisive moments; even before the start of a race it was possible to notice the cool-headedness which clearly marked him compared to his opponents.

But reaching such results was not only the outcome of exceptional performances in important competitions, but rather the hard work of years of sacrifice which Danilo willingly faced for what was and continues to be his passion.

Maybe Danilo’s secret is that he has always had unceasing trust in his own abilities and this has allowed him to set important goals and then reach them.

Nowadays, with more energy than when he raced, Danilo is totally dedicated to the designing of his chassis,  to the training of DR drivers, to the coordination of his Team and to the DR Racing brand.

Danilo's Kart 1997 Replica