Modena Engines announces Commercial Agreement with Danilo Rossi

A bright commercial future for the MODENA ENGINE Karting Division has been assured for the medium term with an innovative agreement being announced today. Under the agreement, Danilo Rossi undertakes the full development of the Karting Division of the engine manufacturer MODENA ENGINES with the DR RACING KART organization appointed as global authorized wholesaler securing further significant market penetration.

MODENA ENGINES’ Managing Director, Antonio Gerardi was clearly delighted with this announcement. “To MODENA ENGINES, Karting represents a major technical challenge, which at the same time has an important communicative function for the company as a whole, as well as for its products. With a view to these two objectives, the new agreement, offers ideal conditions and clearly highlights the MODENA ENGINES Karting strategy.”
For information, please contact us at: +39 0776 538083

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